Backport spyder 2.3 to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

News from Ghislain Vaillant:

The recently released Spyder version 2.3 introduced the much awaited Python 3 support. Debian already has a working package in testing/unstable for both Python 2 (spyder) and Python 3 (spyder3). I have proposed a backport of this version of Spyder to the current LTS in the following bug report: For those who are interested, please back this proposal up by adding any additional comments up in the bug report or simply marking yourself as affected.

UPDATE: is where the action is happening now. Please come on in and join in for testing if you’d like this backport to happen soon.

August 4, 2014 UPDATE: Spyder 2.3 is now available via the trusty-backports channel. A big thank you to Stephen Michael Kellat for working on the backport and Scott Kitterman for the upload and communication with Debian.



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